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Double VM History

The Double VM campgrounds are part of land homesteaded in about 1912. The main lodge is a two story log building built in 1924. After first being sold in 10-20 acre lots, site unseen, to people in England, it reverted to the government for back taxes. It has been owned by several different ranchers since then.

In 1966 the campgrounds were part of a working ranch owned by Vernon E. Miller and his son Vernon R. Miller and their families. The Millers were founding members of the Lumby Church of Christ. They invited a number of people to join them for a Family Camp on their ranch. From that beginning a full scale camping program developed. The name comes from the brand '2 V-M' which signifies the father and son.

In the early seventies the Millers moved to Grand Prairie, Alberta. The Lumby Christian Church and the Coldstream Christian Church purchased 88 acres of the Miller Ranch for use as a campground. In succeeding years Vernon Miller Sr. donated money to the churches equal to the purchase price in effect making the campgrounds a donation to the churches.